Firm Profile

RAA is a multidisciplinary full-service law firm operating across the MENA region from its headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon. Founded by Lebanese lawyers with over 45 years of practical experience in the legal sector. RAA has built and earned its reputation of being a strong and reliable firm helping its clients through high and low by providing first class legal support.
RAA has built sustainable and long-standing relations with its clients and business partners, cooperating in innovative and mutually beneficial means rising up to all business challenges in an ever-changing World and business environment. The Firm is widely acknowledged and recognized as a leading law firm in its region of activity and comes highly recommended. With its alliance with Teynier Pic Law firm (Paris-France), RAA reach is anchored further in long standing relations and reach to other jurisdictions in dispute resolution.
With the support of its professional cooperation and affiliations, RAA is able to serve its clients and take on mandates that extend from Europe to the MENA region reaching out to Southeast Asia.  RAA delivers world-class legal services tailored to fit the geographical needs and requirements of our clients.
RAA’s edge is found in its strong client-driven approach. Throughout the years, RAA has developed an extensive client portfolio encompassing leading regional and international names in various sectors of activity spread through various territories.  Regardless of their geographic location, RAA’s clientele maintains access to premium legal services through access to RAA’s team.

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